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    1. How safe is ASox9 ? Can I take it with other medications or supplements?

    ASOX9 is known to be a safe supplement since all the ingredients are completely natural plant and root extracts. It was designed with a holistic approach in mind, and users have not indicated any side effects. Although it is still recommended that you check with your doctor in regards to trying any new supplements.

    2. How often do I need to take it for best results?

    You should take it daily, on an empty stomach. This way you consistently intake the natural nutrients for your libido, just like water and food that you require on a daily basis, ASOX9 is required for a healthy libido.

    3. When will I begin to see results?

    You can begin to see results as early as one hour to 3 days. Because everyone’s body is slightly different in how it metabolizes and processes the ingredients for best results you should keep taking the supplement on a daily basis in order to let your body naturally begin to feel the results. While on average you should begin to feel the maximum results with two weeks.

    4. How do Male Enhancement supplements Work?

    The ASox9 is designed to do 3 main aspects, first Increase the blood flow to your penis by naturally stimulating the nitric oxide pathway in your penile chambers, thereby 1. making you Completely Hard, and 2. Temporarily Bigger by making you Fully Erect and through continuous build up (taking supplement daily) 3. Make you Last Longer by up-keeping the blood flow to the penis while Erect.

    5. Why is ASox9 more effective than other male enhancement supplements?

    When I decided to design my own male enhancing supplement it was because many that I tried simply did not work, and medications gave me headaches, and heart palpitations over the next few days after taking them.

    I researched the best natural approaches to male enhancement, and what I found in many available supplements is exaggerated claims with “filler” ingredients. What I mean by this is the supplements I kept coming across had lists and lists of ingredients but over 50% of the ingredients used had nothing to do with improving your libido but just a general shotgun approach hoping that a few of them would work for the customer. Additionally, some ingredients although good on their own, when metabolized play counterproductive roles and inhibit either a few other key ingredients or entire formula, making it lose effectiveness

    This is why I ended up researching the ingredients one by one to figure out what they do, which actually work, and which are the best as a combination to get the blood flowing and in order to make the erection strong and last longer. Then after extensive research I developed the ASOX9 formula, and it worked, it worked very well for me. (And there is a very good reason for why I called it ASox9, and you should read the “Asox9 Home section” to find out why)

    6. Will I get bigger?

    In a sense, temporarily Yes. But there is more to this, no supplement or drug can make your penis bigger, and if one ever comes out, I would suggest you stay away like it’s a Plague. It is either a Scam, or if a substance is capable of permanently making your penis larger, it will affect other glands and organs and potentially do the same to them, this can have seriously damaging affects on the body.

    Here is why ASox9 can safely, slightly and temporarily increase your size. First off, the supplement is designed to focus specifically on the penis, and is designed to open up the its chambers and increase blood flow, this will allow your penis to become erect to your Maximum size as well as Maximum hardness, thereby temporarily and slightly increasing your size.

    7. I’ve tried some other supplements, and they didn’t work, why?

    After researching over a dozen male enhancement supplements I found out many of them use fillers that just sound good on the label, and when combined actually lower the quality of the supplement as a whole. As it turns out many companies aren’t “stuffing” on purpose, they just don’t know that some ingredients that work well on their own can and do interact with other ingredients to either spoil them or make them both ineffective. I also discuss this in why I developed ASox9 and you can see an example if why some supplements don’t work in the About Section.

    8. How do I know Which Supplements or Scams to Avoid?

    One of the first things that should let you know it’s a scam is a “Free Trial Offer” or very cheap “just pay the shipping” offer companies like this are just trying to get your credit card information. As far as specific supplement aspects you should review the ingredients and stay away from any supplements claiming to boost your Human Growth Hormone (HGH), containing any traces of sildenafil, vardenafil, or tadalafil – they are not natural and although they work they are drugs with major side effects. The other way you can tell is by reading the reviews, if they Claim to Permanently add Size they are a scam.

    9. How do I know it will work for me?

    ASox9 is developed of tried, tested and result proven natural extracts, but everyone’s body is slightly different, this is why there is a strong combination of the best researched and known extracts to make sure it does work for everyone. But you won’t know until You try.

    Having said that I do have a return rate of slightly under 1.7%, and since my return policy is no questions asked, their reason could be anything… This is also why I offer a 90 day money back guarantee, try it for yourself, if you don’t like it return it for full money back (minus shipping), no questions asked. This is how sure I am that you will be satisfied.

    10. Is there an age limit?

    No, regardless of your age, if you’ve tried the “V” pill and it worked for you, this will also work. The difference is ASox9 is much more natural on your body with fewer to potentially no side effects, but still very effective. We’ve all heard stories of men in their 80s and 90s fathering children with their “younger” girlfriends. The male system does not stop producing sperm, and erections are still possible at any age just like your libido and sex drive. Try Asox9 for yourself, see it work for you, and if you don’t like it for any reason just send it back for a complete refund.

    11. Why aren’t doctors selling these?

    They actually are! – Many doctors do buy in bulk and sell to their patients, who are interested in a more natural alternative approach to male enhancement with fewer or no side effects as compared harder medication.

    12. What are the ingredients?

    After long hours researching, testing and trying I’ve put together the ASox9 Formula here are the main supplement ingredients, for a complete breakdown you can see the entire formula on the Order page.

    1. Tongkat Ali extract: - Helps boost sperm quality (There is even new research and patents by MIT for its use in Male sexual dysfunction and infertility)

    2. Maca extract: - Focuses on improving your sexual performance by increasing sexual desire (libido), endurance and energy. Research has also show Maca to increase sperm count, and blood flow to the penis. (It has also shown to balance blood pressure)

    3. L-Arginine: Helps increase blodfloow, specifically to the Penis. Although the other extracts in this formula tend to stimulate blood flow to the penis by stimulating release of Nitric Oxide from the penile veins, L-Arginine is a direct precursor – meaning it turns into Nitric Oxide thereby leading to much more dilated blood vessels, increased blood flow to the Penis, and gives you a maximum hard erection. (It also has many positive and healing aspects for the body in general, but I’ll stick to only the relevant effects to us now)

    4. Ginseng Combination: Ginseng has been found to stimulate the production of testosterone thereby boosting libido, it also helps improve sexual and reproductive balance thereby helps fight premature ejaculation. (Additionally it helps get rid of stress and improve your immune system, but again, I’ll stick only to the important effects to us now) Ginseng roots have slight differences in their constituents depending on regions they originate from (India, China, etc.) So in order to get the highest potency quality of ginseng extract I’ve hand picked a combination specifically for the ASox9 formula.

    5. Zinc (as Zinc Oxide): One of the main compounds found in Oysters (the well known aphrodisiac), it’s been found to help boost testosterone levels, and increase sperm count (while zinc deficiency has been shown to lead to lowered sperm count as well as complete impotence and infertility in some cases)

    I’ve also include additional extracts in smaller amounts, that help maintain, enhance and add to the action of main ingredients Like:

    - Oyster Extract (in addition to Zinc) Through research I’ve found there a lot to their aphrodisiac nature, for example in addition to Zinc they contain amino acids that when extracted and injected into test subjects have lead to increased testosterone production in males. - Sarsaparilla (root) Extract - Pumpkin (seed) Extract - Muira Pauma (Bark) Extract etc. For a Full ingredient breakdown take a look on the Order Page

    13. How is it shipped?

    We ship in unmarked, discreet packages, using standard USPS shipping service, unless you upgrade to a faster delivery method. We make sure both the package as well as billing is discreet, so only you know what is bought.

    14. How do I get started?

    All you have to do to get started is place an order here select the right savings package and we'll make sure to ship it right away so you can experience the benefits as soon as possible.

    15. Is my information secure?

    Yes, we use state of the art 128 bit encryption with the world's top payment processors over credit card and paypal payments. We also keep all your information completely private and Do Not Share with anyone.

    16. How soon will I get my package?

    As soon as we receive your order we begin to put all the wheels in motion, and will ship your package within 24 business hours. Depending on your location you should get it within 2 days to a week time. (We only sell and ship within the USA)

    17. Is this a one time charge?

    Yes, Every package you order is and Always will be a one time charge and NO OTHER ADDITIONAL CHARGES. We do not practice deceptive techniques or ever enroll you in automated billing. We believe in our product and know you will order more (most users do) once you experience the results.